Kreativ Insight

"Let us be your INSIGHT to success ..."

What we are ….

What is Kreativ Insight Consultants: our purpose is to help businesses within the health care and non-for-profit sectors grow. We do this by bringing business experts from different sectors and specialty resources to the forefront. We collaborate with you to bring you to your next level and more. Not all growth is just about the revenues or savings created, its about your community which you are a part of.

Melanie Webber

Almost 20 years of experience in the non-for-profit Business Development sector, Melanie Webber has a clear understanding of the needs, constraints and goals for any business to succeed. Her results provide the right balance between customer satisfaction and the business goals. Melanie has done this through employing sound business strategies and operational enhancements to businesses. This success is due to a culmination of experience in fund raising, communicating with clients and vendors over the years. She is a compassionate, driven person, with a strong presence which provides the best results.

Bernie Franzgrote

Having 36 years of experience within the health care sector Bernie has a strong knowledge of the hospital environment. The intratrepreneurial nature of the hospital environment and the drivers provided the creative insight in how to make things work within a non for-profit business. With that comes the support of his colleagues and vendors, their team effort and collaboration made the successes happen. Bernie brings that creative spirit to his ventures.